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Monday, August 24, 2020

Best Car Insurance Covering Rain and Flood Damage

The rainy season appears to get more intense every year, maybe derived from the environmental crisis or basically because of the absence of infrastructure in the streets to drain the water. Despite the reason, floods and storms cause losses for thousands of drivers and citizens. So, which Car Insurance covers the rain damage to a vehicle?


Best Car Insurance Covering Rain and Flood Damage

As indicated by the National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred), the rains and floods in the nation's capital cause harm that can cost up to 71.3 million pesos. Therefore, it is worth thinking that Auto Insurance can support everything from the flooding of the vehicle, landslide to the fall of trees during a storm.


In opposition to what is thought, a Material Damage (Car Insurance) coverage not only protects against an incident with another vehicle, it likewise protects against damages brought about by natural hydrometeorological phenomena such as heavy rains, hailstorms and even tropical storms. This coverage is contemplated within the most complete plans that are Amplio and Amplio Plus, and depending on the organization and the insurance conditions, a deductible that ranges from 10% to 3% applies.


A part of the insurers that have coverage against Material Damage because of rain are Mapfre, HDI Seguros, El Aguila, GNP, ABA, Wibe, Qualitas and General de Seguros, with which you can quote in the comparator.


What does the coverage of Material Damage due to rain include?

Comprehensive Car insurance is one of the most complete that back up plans offer and incorporates partial damage and total loss of the insured vehicle because of various risks, among which it is considered that the car is flooded, dewrapping due to water entrance inside or outside the vehicle, damage to the bodywork or shattering glass due to hail, and even falling objects such as trees during a tempest.


It additionally considers other risks such as total loss because of earthquake, earthquake, volcanic eruption; fire, lightning or blast; popular acts or disturbances in which the safeguarded is not involved; and collisions or rollovers.


The organization with which the insurance is contracted can pay for the fixes of the insured vehicle up to a maximum insured amount specified in the contract and to make it valid, the contractor must cover a sum known as a deductible.


A few companies have low deductibles or have inclusion that exempts the payment of the same, however, generally these alternatives tend to increase the total price of the insurance.


Where to find Car insurance that protects the car from the rains?

As referenced, finding a Comprehensive policy is simpler with online comparators , since in a single place the insurance agencies that have coverage of Material Damages due to hydrometeorological phenomena , for example, storms are appeared, in addition you can compare the deductibles and insured amounts of each.


It is additionally important to take the recommendations of the specialists to drive in the rain such as:

·         If the car is stranded because of flooding, it is best not to move the vehicle since it could aggravate the damage and the insurer may deny compensation or fix.

·         Drive at a moderate and constant speed, which permits you to react in case another vehicle loses control.

·         Turn on the lights so that other drivers have visibility, whether or not it is daytime.

·         Clear the windshield.

·         Keep enough distance between one car and another.

·         Avoid parking near trees or structures prone to avalanches.

At last, it is advisable to always drive with caution and have road coverage that protects against all risks, to protect the heritage and health of the family.


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